Why should you learn JavaScript?


Whether you are a web developer or know absolutely nothing about programming, you've probably heard of JavaScript before. This programming language is mainly used in the design of interactive web pages and mobile applications.

If you want to get into a web design company in Pakistan, you need to learn JavaScript, especially if you are planning to become a front-end developer. In this article, I will therefore tell you about Javascript and its main applications and features.

What exactly is JavaScript?

First of all, we should not confuse JavaScript with Java. Despite the confusion some people may have between these two languages, the only thing they have in common is the word “java” in their names. It is true that from the syntactic point of view they are quite close, but not at all in their fundamental concepts.

JavaScript (or simply JS) is a programming language, also called a scripting language, which allows you to implement several elements of a high level of complexity on web pages, such as animations, image galleries, variations of layouts, among others. With JS you can even create games, 2D graphics, animated 3D animations, and much more. Personally, I also use it to program connected objects, but I will come back to this in a future article.

Applied to an HTML document , it can bring interactivity to a site or a Web application, and make the user experience much more dynamic and intuitive.

Originally created to work in the Netscape Navigator browser, shortly after its release JavaScript was incorporated into Microsoft's web browser (Internet Explorer), which helped make it more popular.

The language that revolutionized the World Wide Web

There was a time when the internet was finally pretty boring. In its early days, the World Wide Web was just a bunch of static HTML pages, with links pointing to each other. Over the years, the needs of those who “surf” the Internet have become increasingly complex. So we had to find a way to make user interaction with web pages easier and more fun!

JavaScript is at the heart of the technologies that have made the Web what it is today. Along with HTML and CSS, JS enables the development of interactive web pages, which provides users with a much more enjoyable experience.

So, we can say that the Web as we know it is based on three pillars: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

·         HTML is the markup language we use to structure and make sense of our web content. For example, by defining paragraphs, titles, tables of content, or inserting images and videos on a page.

·         CSS is the language that allows us to format our web pages. We use it to style our HTML content. Style sheets, also called CSS files, contain code that allows you to manage the design of a page in HTML, such as defining colors, fonts, placing our content in multiple columns, etc.

·         JavaScript is the language that will allow us to develop dynamic content inside the HTML document to make our website interactive. It is he who will bring a form of intelligence to the whole because, unlike HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a real programming language that allows you to create algorithms.

How is JavaScript different from other languages?

The JavaScript allows developers to work with a single programming language, either for the development front-end (application or website - the customer) or developing back-end (database, API, authentication, etc. - the server).

In a nutshell, front-end development is about the design of the graphical user interface. Indeed, it is the visible part of the application or the website, intended to be manipulated by the client (also called client-side).

Back-end development involves programming the server and application or website functionality. This is the invisible part, without which the GUI remains an empty shell.

In summary, you can develop and manage any aspect of an application or website design using just one programming language: JavaScript.

Another big differential is that the JS developer community is extremely active, responsive and open to anyone who wants to venture out.

There are a plethora of forums and services that make free resources available to developers, so almost any issue you will encounter while developing an app or website has already been resolved by another developer.

Why JavaScript and not another language?

In life, there are often two reasons why it is sometimes difficult to make a choice: either there are few options to choose from, or there are too many. In programming, you are spoiled for choice given the number of languages ​​available: Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C # … and many others. How to make the right choice, then?

A developer who has mastered several programming languages ​​is a highly skilled and in-demand developer. However, you still have to start somewhere; And why not start by learning a versatile and flexible language, which will allow you to develop Web and Mobile ?

Yes, you understood well! JavaScript is the only versatile language that allows you to develop both websites and mobile applications. If you are not yet convinced, here are some good reasons to learn JavaScript :

It is the most popular programming language

I'll start my list with the most obvious reason. According to the Stack Overflow site , JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by developers today. Even back-end developers prefer JavaScript over other languages.

In addition, JavaScript gives you a range of possibilities; this language has many uses which you cannot even imagine. It works for example also with Smart TVs, with the Internet of Things (IoT), can be used in the creation of native mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform desktop applications (Windows, MacOS, Linux) . It can even allow you to develop augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Finally, be aware that all your browser extensions that you have installed are made using JavaScript, it is the only language allowing this.

JavaScript is the ideal language to start programming

As it is already installed on all web browsers today (it is by the way the only one), you just have to start coding. It is one of the most accessible languages ​​to learn. Besides that, there is a large community of JavaScript developers online that offers support and advice.

JavaScript is also a great tool for novice developers who want to expand their skills into other languages. If you learn to code in JS, you will acquire skills such as object oriented programming , and you will be able to apply these skills to any new language such as Python, Java or C ++, for example.

JavaScript is a flexible and versatile language

It allows developers to manage any aspect of the design of an application or a website. Do you want to do front-end development? You can ! Are you more interested in the server side (back-end)? With JavaScript it is also possible to do this. You can also build Desktop, Mobile, and Web apps with Electron , React, and React Native . In short, become a full-stack developer thanks to JavaScript.

With JavaScript you can even create games. Games have become big business today, and developers who know JavaScript have an added advantage in this market. The versatility, power and ability of the JS to easily create visual effects make this language a perfect choice for game designers.

With an increasing number of businesses and organizations going digital, there is also a noticeable increase in demand for developers who know the most popular programming languages. As I have already pointed out, JavaScript is one of these languages.

And in terms of salaries, how much does a JavaScript developer earn? On this side, know that you can have incomes of up to 35K in CDI at the start. Not bad to start with, isn't it? And let's not forget that it is also possible to work on your own, as a freelance developer . You have the freedom to manage your time and work schedules without having to depend on an employer.

How do you learn JavaScript, then?

As we have already seen, JavaScript is essential for anyone wishing to start a career in Web and Mobile development , which brings us to the next point: how to learn JavaScript ?

You will find a lot of free content on blogs and online forums. Start by understanding what JavaScript is and how it works. Then, you can try writing a few lines of code in your browser and test them for yourself.

If you want to go further and become a Web and Mobile developer in a very short time, it is possible! But, in this case the ideal is to turn to intensive training , such as a bootcamp coding . The objective of this type of training is to make you an autonomous developer, specialized in a particular technology.